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The Patient should feel connected to his or her doctor and be part of the decision making when dealing with health concerns.

Dr. Paul Schattauer

Meet Dr. Schattauer:

Dr. Paul SchattauerDr. Schattauer grew up in Iowa and had his first exposure to medicine in Lima, Peru where, just out of college, he volunteered at an obstetrical medical clinic helping an under served population. He then received his medical degree from the University of Iowa School of Medicine. He spent a year studying theology at Yale Divinity School before completing a residency in family practice at St. Luke’s Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1987, after being certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, he moved to Chicago area. For the past 20 years he has treated patients seeking natural medicine and minimizing the use of pharmaceuticals while providing cost effective healthcare, independent of insurance plans. He now lives in Oak Park with his wife, Marcia, and two sons, Spencer and Lucas.

Dr. Schattauer...

Is board certified in family medicine

Dr. Schattauer received his certification from the American Board of Family Medicine in 1987.

Treats adults & children

Dr. Schattauer treats Adults and ChildrenDr. Schattauer specializes in the prevention of illness and the promotion of health and well being. He treats adults with the focus on keeping healthy and feeling young. Children will appreciate his friendly and non-threatening approach. When there is a need to treat illness, many times he can use natural remedies and alternative therapies. He also uses pharmaceuticals when appropriate. Dr. Schattauer treats all ages beginning prenatally with the mother’s optimal nutrition and chemical avoidance. Dr. Schattauer has much experience and many resources for supporting moms in nursing their babies. He also promotes other natural parenting styles including attachment parenting. He supports you in all the little and big health care decisions that come up for parents. The overuse of antibiotics and the safety of vaccines are big topics of public debate right now. You will appreciate Dr. Schattauer’s non judgmental, attentive approach as you confront theses topics and many others like them.

Practices Green Medicine

Dr. Schattauer incorporates his vision of medicine into the green movement. Preventing illness and reducing the need for pharmaceuticals not only benefits the patient but helps preserve precious natural resources and reduces toxic waste from entering the environment. It’s a win-win for the patient and the planet! In this vision, Dr. Schattauer has dedicated his work to using the most effective medicine to keep you, your family, and the environment healthy and full of vitality.

Uses alternative therapies and natural medicine when effective

Dr. Schattauer practices natural medicine whenever possible. You will appreciate the many resources he draws upon to keep your medicine chemical free. From vitamins, to probiotics, to chicken soup, Dr. Schattauer will use remedies that are researched based and proven to be effective. He also is familiar with the local alternative health care options in the community and uses yoga, massage, chiropractic care, and other healing arts that match whatever you may need.

Uses drugs and surgery when appropriate

Although the goal is to reduce the need for medicine Dr. Schattauer embraces the effective use of drugs and surgery. You can be sure that all the current sophisticated medical technologies will be available to you if the situation calls for it. Dr. Schattauer can prescribe the appropriate pharmaceuticals for mild illness. He will use medical specialists for complex medical situations. You have access to every level of medical care in Dr. Schattauer’s practice.

Has a personal, caring approach

Dr. Schattauer with Green Medicine PatientsYou will find yourself at ease with Dr. Schattauer. His warm and engaging style will allow you to develop the trust that is necessary for him to understand what your symptoms or concerns are. He welcomes many viewpoints and will see you as a unique individual. He will honor where you come from and the particular belief system you hold. You will sense that Dr. Schattauer strongly believes a good relationship between you and him is a big part of the healing process. You will value the health care that you receive from Dr. Schattauer because the focus is on you!