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Green Money

The Green Medical Practice has a high priority to create a service that is affordable and accessible. There is nothing better than for you to have access to a doctor who values a close and trustworthy relationship with you. You also want freedom to choose when it comes to health care. Unfortunately the current payment systems through insurance have created barriers to choice between you and your primary care doctor. For that reason the practice will work outside the current health insurance systems. It may be surprising how this can actually be an advantage to you from cost standpoint. Look at the sections below for information about how you and your family can enjoy the services of The Green Medical Practice and save money.

How will this work to my advantage?

First, you can save money!
Being independent allows the practice to set prices that are much lower than the going rates (many times 50%-80% lower).  If you currently are without health insurance, these prices will save you significant amounts of money.  You might be surprised however to discover you can save money even with traditional medical coverage. What a bargain! You get green medicine and green back in your pocket!

Second, you get natural medicine!
Together, you and I will be able to explore all healthcare options including effective non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical approaches thus avoiding outside pressures to use prescriptions. This approach keeps you and the environment happy and healthy!

How is it priced?

The Green medical practice will have two options to pay for the service provided.

Option #1: Payment at the time of service

Typically I will charge much less than the usual charges seen on a medical bill, even 50% to 80% lower in some circumstances. I am able to do this because I have eliminated the need for the practice to make claims to insurance companies for payment. When the charges are paid directly to the practice at the time of service, it takes the inefficiency out of having a third party involved. This makes it affordable. If you combine my system with a high deductible insurance plan (thus lowering your monthly premium) you could even save money. Labs in my practice also can be obtained at reasonable prices for the same reasons. All charges will be submitted to you on a form with proper billing codes. You then can submit this form to your insurance company and receive the insurance benefits due to you.

Option #2: Purchase a GREENMED access card

The GreenMed access card will be charged a set monthly fee and will be good for one year. Spouses and children can be added at a lower rate. The card will give you access to all the services of the practice. These services include a comprehensive wellness exam without charge. You also may have an appointment with me at any other time for a nominal per office visit charge. Vaccines will be charged separately. Labs that can be done in the clinic will also be available without charge through the GreenMed program. Labs sent out will be offered at a reduced rate. The yearly fee will not be covered by insurance but any outside labs, specialty care or hospitalization should be covered under your health insurance plan.

Be sure to stop in to discuss specific charges for each option. It is my goal to make Green Medicine possible for everyone who wishes it.

What if I need a specialist or to go to the hospital?

Any specialty care and/or hospitalizations will be referred to outside providers that are familiar with The Green Medical Practice. Regular insurance coverages should apply in those circumstances.